Keto Diet Buying Guide- A Perfect Plan for Beginners

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What is the keto diet buying guide and how does it help?

Keto Diet buying guide helps out beginners to find out which keto diet program to signup for and what are the qualities of a perfect keto diet program that provides results without leaving any side effects.

1. What is the Keto Diet?

The Keto diet is high fat and low carb diet that helps weight loss. This diet contains 70% of fats, 20% protein and 5-10% carbohydrates.

What to check before signing up for any keto diet plan:

2. Daily Keto Diet Meal Planning:

It’s obvious for a diet plan to have 2 or 3 meals a day. The reason why I added this is to make sure when you sign up for any keto meal plan you need to have at least 2 meals a day with recipes and instructions. Keep a close eye on net carbs. You can calculate them by subtracting the fibre from total carbs like this: Total carbs-Fiber= Net Carbs. In the keto diet, only net carbs are counted.

3. What About Recipes:

  • Ingredients b. Instructions for making the food. Number of servings and serving size
  • Calories count and macros ratios (you need to be within your daily calories intake limit)

4. Variety of Recipes:

When you start the keto diet you become so excited and aim for weight loss in possibly less time but keep in mind that the keto diet isn’t a quick game. You need to stick to the plan and patiently wait for the results. In the meantime, if you have the same recipes repeated on and on then there is a great chance that you’ll be getting bored in no time. Before buying any keto meal plan please make sure to have a variety of recipes to try. This will help you keep excited and try new things daily. In this way, the keto diet will be like your hobby. You already know that people don’t get bored with their hobbies.

5. Leftovers:

If you are a working woman or a man then for most of the time you’ll be busy in your job and find it difficult to prepare food for this new style of dieting. Especially working women face this problem a lot on the keto diet. You’ve to handle a lot of things on your own and then comes the cooking time. On the keto diet, you can’t order food online because most of the restaurants in your area may not have keto-friendly foods. Now, what to do???

Be smart and try only those keto diet plans that have plenty of leftovers to save your time and money. Cook one meal and consume it twice. Make sure if your diet plan offers some leftovers too.

6. Weekly Keto Diet Shopping List

Life becomes easy when you have everything ready on your list to go to a grocery store. If you don’t then you need to write every single ingredient of the recipes and spend hours and hours to write down the details and what if you did all but on day 5 your ration gets away and you don’t have a single penny in your pocket? Weekly grocery lists provided by diet planners help a lot to manage your time as well as your budget. You already know what to have in your kitchen from the day you signup for the diet plan. Ask your diet planner or keto diet service providers if they have weekly grocery and pantry lists? If not then please don’t signup for the meal plan.

7. Keto Desserts and Snacks Recipes:

It’s ok to have some keto desserts on your keto diet. There are a lot of keto desserts you can have on your special life events like birthdays and outings. It’s awesome if your meal plan provides you with a desserts recipes collection.

8. Keto Diet Beginners Guide:

A lot of ketogenic diet plans have a keto diet guide that helps beginners understand how keto works. There is a lot of unseen terminologies used while practising keto. You need to know all about them before starting the actual diet to eliminate confusion.

9. Keto Diet Side Effects:

Make sure if your diet guide helps you face the side effects of the diet. There are only a few side effects of the ketogenic like keto flu, leg crampings and a minor headache in the beginning but you need to know how to deal with it. Your diet guide should provide you with enough information to handle it.

10. Weight Loss Progress

Keto isn’t a quick solution. You need to focus on your day to day diet activities. Be positive about everything you face on this new style of eating. When you are in ketosis (A state of the body when your body starts burning your body fats to produce ketones instead of glucose from carbohydrates) then you should lose 6-8lbs in your first week. If you don’t see it then consult your diet planner.

11. Email Support

There are a lot of scammers out there in the market. You need to know if they have a working email address for customer support. When you start a new diet style it takes some time to adjust your routine and eating habits and in the meantime, you need support and guide to help you keep on track.

12. What if You Don’t See Results

What if you follow the plan and don’t see the results? Does your diet planner provide you with a full refund? Ask them before signing up about their refund policy. Many diet planners provide digital files like pdf and ebooks. There is a special refund policy on these types of products.

13. Accessibility of the Keto Diet Plan

You need to know if you are provided with a printable or digital download you can easily switch between your smart device from laptop to tablet or mobile phone. Make sure in case if your files are lost will they resend the delivery email? Most of the time when you erase your mobile storage your files are gone. Try to have a regular backup on a daily or weekly basis but your meal planner company should send you the ebooks again after you provide the email that you’ve used while signing up.

14. Pricing of Keto Diet Plan

It’s very difficult to answer this question. Every company offers meal planning at different prices. They charge you for the efforts they put into the plan. Email support or social media community support may also increase the price of the plan. The inclusion of extra recipe books or shopping lists can also add something to the final price of the product. 

Here are my calculations but this isn’t most accurate:

  • Meal planning for 7 Days= $5
  • Shopping list for 7 days= $3
  • 1 Recipe book or guide (ebook 50 pages)= $2.5

15. Best Keto Diet Planners:

a. KetoSuperFast.Com

b. DietDocotor.Com


If you’ve taken care of all the above then you are good to go…

Good Luck 🙂

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