7 Steps simple keto formula to shed 30 lbs in 28 days

7 steps simple keto formula

7 Steps simple keto formula to shed 30 lbs in 28 days with keto.

Do you know you can lose 30 lbs of extra fat within 28 days by just following this 7 Step Simple Keto Formula? I know you are excited enough to start it right now but please read this guide before you start keto and come back to this page finding why you failed on it?

Read carefully and don’t skip even a single step because this 7 steps simple keto formula is tried several times and found to be extremely result-oriented.

Free 28 day keto guide to losing 30 lbs

7 steps simple keto formula

The 7 steps simple keto formula is helping people lose 30 lbs in just 28 days. This is the fastest approach towards keto to lose extra weight with these easy to follow 7 simple steps. It’s not that hard to follow. I have explained each and everything in details with the help of facts and figures to show it works. If you’ve come across this page then pay attention to the details and start your keto journey today.

Keto isn’t a one day diet or even a few days. You need to stick with it to see real change. You need to believe in yourself.

Imagine the days when you were slim and smart waving all around and enjoying the best days of your life and them came this fat thing.

You didn’t get it in a day or two so this isn’t going in one or two days either. But you can see a huge change if you follow this for consecutive 30 days.

I don’t think it’s too much. Look at your calendar and see when you wanna buy a new shirt for your slim body. Don’t buy it now. Just kidding. I promise you’ll get a new one after 30 days for sure.

Well, as you’ve decided to enjoy the beautiful and amazing benefits of the ketogenic diet so let’s get started.

Step 1: Calculate Food Nutrients

7 Steps simple keto formula starts with the macros. Having knowledge of keto food macros is an essential part of the game and a bit of a tricky thing. But don’t worry. We have a solution for you.

Macros are the food nutrients and the keto diet has a specific ratio of it. On the keto diet, we mostly care about fat, protein and carbohydrates (Shortly Carbs).

Now here is a question:

How do I know which food contains what ratio of macros and is it keto-approved or not? Technically it’s a difficult question but these tools can help you out with that. Use these free keto tools to find nutritional information about any food in your kitchen.

Step 2: Calculate Your Required Macros

Everybody is different and hence needs different amounts of food nutrients on any diet. Keto diet is very simple and flexible. All you need is to calculate your macros and consume the food within your macros. Look at the following ratio.

Fats= 60%-70%

There are multiple free keto tools on the internet you can try to find your macros easily. Here is a Keto Macros Calculator.

Step 3: Meal Planning After Macros Calculation

I assume you’ve calculated your macros and suppose it shows the following results:

Image of the report page captured after inputting dummy data into KSF Macros Calculator

We can see from the above figure you need 2027 calories to burn in a complete day. Let’s break it down into 6 parts or you can do it as you wish.

Breakfast:400 calories
Snacks:300 calories
Lunch:500 calories
Snacks:300 calories
Dinner: 600 calories
Total= around 2100

Now you have 400 calories to consume in your breakfast. It’s a perfect time to find these recipes.

Step 4: Find Keto Approved Recipes

As you’ve calculated your macros so now it’s time to find the recipes and start our keto journey officially, right? Aren’t you excited? Let’s do it.

There are multiple resources you can browse to find keto-approved recipes like Google and Pinterest.

But what should be the exact strategy? The answer is simple. Try searching these keywords in Google or Pinterest ‘Keto Breakfast Recipes’. I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of recipes to try. You can change the word Breakfast to any other meal to find the desired recipes.

Note: Repeat step 4 for every meal of the day.

Step 5: Selecting Recipes that Fit Your Plan

Finding recipes isn’t as tricky as taking care of macros. You should look at your one meal calories part. Suppose you have reserved 400 calories for breakfast so you should try recipes under 400 calories per serving.

Sometimes you cook just by the ingredient quantities provided on the recipe pages but when you are done cooking you may have 2 or more servings and now you are thinking of what to do now.

Before you cook any meal take a deep look at the serving section of the recipe you are about to try. See if other members of your family are gonna enjoy it or not. If it’s not a case then consume one serving and save others for next time.

Step 6: Outings and Dining on the Keto.

Outings are a part of life. The most frequently asked question in the keto groups is what to eat on while travelling. You have to look out at restaurants.

What you can do is to make some keto snacks and keep them while travelling. If you aren’t comfortable then the more suitable solution is to ask the restaurant about keto foods. 

Nowadays most of the food restaurants are offering keto foods to their customers.

Step 7: Keto Flu and how to prevent it?

There are certain side effects that may or may not appear while on your keto journey and keto flu is one of them. Headache, foggy brain, fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and constipation are some of the symptoms of this condition. 

It may appear after 2 to 7 days after starting the ketogenic diet. 

Now the question is how to prevent keto flu?

  1. Stay hydrated.
  2. Use electrolyte supplements
  3. Reduce exercise level or even take a break.

Resources to be considered for each step:

  1. Keto Food Nutrients Calculator
  2. Keto Macros Calculator
  3. Meal Planner (Super Fast Meal Planner)
  4. Recipes (Pinterest Ideas)
  5. Servings (See the recipe page for the number of servings and serving sizes)
  6. Outing and Dining (The meal planner at number 3 takes care of it)
  7. You can download a guide if you sign up for Super Fast Meal Planner)


I assume that you’ve read the complete 7 steps simple keto formula and ready to go. Keto isn’t difficult but you have to follow the way it works. If you are just overwhelmed by the ideas then you need to analyze things as I’ve tried to do in this blog post.

Don’t just run after a chunk of information. Follow the 7 step keto formula and witness the change.

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